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Martian Comet Update

Martian Comet Update - Part 1 of 4 - Long Live Pitman's Shorthand! BlogSpot

Sun shining over cloud bank
The commencement of the Hurl,
glinting in the early morning over the
team's home village of Marsingley
Readers of the Martian Chronicle will be delighted to hear that the famous Comet Hurling Team (Northern Hemisphere) are once again on course to score very well in the National Comet Hurling Contest. For those not familiar with this event, the rules are that the comet must swing round the sun, remaining intact as it approaches the halfway point, and then all or part of it must be seen to emerge from the other side of the sun. Fragments and vapour earn fewer points than a complete unbroken comet. Our scientists are beginning to suspect that it may have broken up, but there is still hope that something identifiable will survive for the return journey.

Martian Comet Update - Part 2 of 4 - Long Live Pitman's Shorthand! BlogSpot

Four vapour trails in blue sky
Kick-off at last year's pole-to-pole
school Comet Fling race
The Martian Space Agency do keep a supply of large comets for our planet’s water requirements, especially ones with a high ice content and low rock content. Once they have mined most of the ice out of it, the remains are donated to local Hurling Teams for their games. When a spent comet becomes available, the teams are called together from all over the hemisphere and submit their plans for propelling it towards the sun, in the correct direction and at the correct speed. The team whose plans are chosen by our top scientists will then be awarded points if the Hurl is successful. Any team gaining maximum points then goes on to become Comet Consultants in future games. The points can be exchanged for Martian Government Tokens which can then be used by the team on science facilities and equipment for their chosen Technical College*, and so enable future generations of school children to learn elementary astrophysics.

*Omission phrase that leaves out the repeated KL = "techni-college"

Martian Comet Update - Part 3 of 4 - Long Live Pitman's Shorthand! BlogSpot

Orange vapour trails at sunset
Our municipal orbiting water-supply comets
provide great sunset photo opportunities

One of our technicians has reported that Earth scientists are also taking a great interest in the progress of the comet, and like us they are hoping that it survives its journey round the sun, although probably for different reasons than we do. We are very close to finding out if the Team have gained the maximum score possible, and if we see an intact rocky nucleus emerging, then there will be celebrations taking place everywhere on planet Mars, and probably on planet Earth as well. Obviously they are equally interested in teaching their youngsters all about our wonderful solar system, and the beautiful and useful treasures that it contains. For further news, we suggest you log in* to the Public Information Database of the Martian Space Agency, or one of Earth’s many astronomy websites, all of which are being updated regularly on this comet’s progress.

*For "log on" you could use the N Hook

Martian Comet Update - Part 4 of 4 - Long Live Pitman's Shorthand! BlogSpot

Latest news: We have to report that the Comet appears to have broken up, but we are nevertheless awarding a Consolation Prize to the Marsingley Village Preschool where the children have imaginatively renamed it the Mince Pie Comet - just when you think it has been entirely demolished, you keep finding lots of crumbs floating around. (475 words)

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